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Editor’s note: The following article is a sneak peek of an article to be published in an upcoming issue of InDesign Magazine.

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Article Excerpt

The first update to InDesign in 2015 has arrived. And despite what your calendar says, this is officially being called “InDesign CC 2014.2”. Apparently we’ll have to wait until later this year for the official “InDesign CC 2015” to arrive.

But in the meantime, this release brings us one big feature called CC Libraries, and a few minor (but welcome) changes. There‘s also a new welcome screen and another way to open files from later versions of InDesign.

A New and Different Library Panel

InDesign CC 2014.2 brings with it a new kind of library panel, called the CC Library. You’ll use a CC Library when you want to share assets between different Creative Cloud applications. A CC Library also gives you access to assets downloaded as part of your subscription from the Creative Cloud Market.

The types of assets that can be shared in a CC Library include colors and color themes, “text styles” (not complete paragraph or character styles), Photoshop layer styles, Illustrator- and Photoshop-style brushes, and graphics.

Libraries are stored both in your Creative Cloud Files area (online in the Adobe Creative Cloud), as well as locally on your computer.


JDI (Just Do It) Features

JDI is an acronym for “just do it!” which is borrowed from Adobe Photoshop engineers. In other words, a JDI is a feature that is small but frequently requested, and relatively easy to add to the application. There are three JDI features in this release.

Creating a New Table

InDesign CC 2014.2 simplifies the process of creating tables. Now, with no insertion point in a text frame, you can choose Table > Create Table. The Create Table dialog box appears, allowing you to define the table structure. When you click OK, you get a Table cursor with which you can click or drag to create a table.

Ungroup Remembers Layers

In InDesign CC 2014.2, there is a new option on the Layers panel menu: Ungroup Remembers Layers. With this option is selected (and it is by default), when previously grouped objects from different layers are ungrouped, they are returned to their previous layer.

Print Current Page

Now, in the General panel of the Print dialog box, there is a Current Page option. Choose it to print only your currently selected page(s). The selected pages are listed in this format: Current Page: :.

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